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Synthetic Industrial Diamond Type: Metal-Bond & Resin-Bond

M1- the crystal are irregularly flaky and needle-shape with rough surfaces and mainly used in Resin Bond Carbides Products and producing Diamond Mircopowders M2- with ratio of major axis and minor axis not more than 1.5, irregular and rough surfaces crystal, which is used in manufacturing bronze bond products for grinding carbides and other nonmetallic materials.


M3-relatively more regular crystal shape with smooth surface and hence higher compressive strength, for which suitable for manufacturing bronze bond products for grinding, sawing and drilling. M4-almost perfect crystal shape with smooth surface and highest compressive strength. Particularly suitable for mining bits used in hardest strata for dressing tools and saws.


New High Strength Chinese Diamond — M series

M9 grade diamond
Perfect shape & clear crystals with excellent performance:

Ti (Strength) for #40/50 =88

Tti (strength) for #40/50=86


Sizes available :

40/50, 50/60, 70/80, 80/100, 100/120, 120/140, 140/170, 170/200, 200/230, 230/270, 270/325, 325/400, 400/500


Oshmens provide new technology & services to our customers in various kind of diamond-metal coating



Sizes from Mesh to Microns.

Ultra-Low Impurity, hence extra long shelf life.

Excellent firm coatings

Grades from: 
Resin bond type to M1 & M2 grades

60C: coated with copper (60%) to improve the bonding ability between resin and diamond. For grinding of carbide, good durability with good grinding efficiency.

55N: coated with Nickel (55%) to improve bonding ability between resin and diamond. For resin bond wheels for wet grinding of carbide and some ceramics, good durability and high grinding efficiency.


Natural Industrial Diamond Stones


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